Saturday, 29 September 2012

CNP Assurances

In 1959, two french companies merged to create the Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance (CNP Assurance) within the Caisse des Dépôts group.

As one of its parent companies was founded in 1848, CNP's origins date back to the beginning of the insurance market. CNP has been the leading player in personal insurance sector in France since 1991. CNP has 14 million policyholders today.

The mission of CNP Assurances is to offer to its 22 million policyholders high quality products to protect them against the risks of everyday life and to meet their savings needs in each phase in their life.

Scope of Operation

  • Personal Insurance
  • Savings Products
  • Pension Products
  • Personal Risk Assurance
  • Personal Services 

Key Statistics

  • Assets of $241.22 billion
  • Profits of $0.85 billion in 2006
  • Operations primarily in Europe
  • 4,501 employees 
The organization of CNP Assurance consists of Regional Centers in:
  • Paris
  • Lille
  • Marseille
  • Nancy
  • Angers
  • Lyon
  • Toulouse
  • Clermont-Ferrand 

International Ranking

  • 223rd in the world according to Forbes Magazine
  • 109th in the Fortune Global 500 list

Headquarter Address

4 Place Raoul Dautry
75716 Paris Cedex 15
Phone: 33-1-4218-8888