Thursday, 6 September 2012

How to Choose Car Insurance Products

The increasing production and use of a car then buying car insurance is increasing and is becoming a trend. Especially now also become frequent accidents that car insurance is required.

This will reduce the risk of losses due to car accidents. Insurance vehicle itself has a specific definition as to bear the insurance risk vehicle that may occur to your vehicle will be transferred to the insurance company. Well, for selecting vehicle insurance, you need to pay attention to financial strength, service and the cost of services provided or expenses.

Own vehicle insurance has two types:
  • car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance

However, the most common vehicle insurance in Indonesia is car insurance. Well, whatever be your consideration to choose and buy car insurance?

Here are some tips that can be thought or consideration about car insurance:

1. Quality 
Quality has always been number one, car insurance is no exception. Well, you can choose a car insurance that already has a good title like getting awards, including Best General Insurance, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award and the Indonesian Best Brand Award which could be a reference that auto insurance is reliable, reliable and responsible.

2. Cost at own risk 
We recommend that you choose a car insurance claim received one to set a collision course in a different time, instead of applying the system of car insurance claims per accident or a collision. Of course you have to pay for own risk several times of having to go back and forth to the garage. Not to mention the likely outcome is unsatisfactory workmanship workshop karea an unauthorized repair shop. Well, a car insurance claim received one then you do not need very often to the workshop that ultimately did not make you lose because they have to pay a fee Own Risk or OR, do not waste your time, let alone shop is authorized workshops.

3. Note workshop partner insurers 
As already mentioned in the beginning then choose the insurance company that has a workshop partner who does have good credibility. This will make you not have to commute workshop because the process is wrong and will not waste your time.

4. The process of car insurance claims
 It is best to choose the insurance claims process is not complicated alias easy. There are some auto insurers who set complex rules such as the need to wait the surveyor and then have to argue again and receipt of Work Order or SPK also take several days for the workshop can do repair work on your car. Of course this will make you waste a lot of time. Therefore, choose car insurance that provides insurance claims and receive a Work Order in the matter of less than 30 minutes.

5. Spare-Part Original 
Choose a car insurance is to ensure that spare parts used are original and have warranty so can not cause harm to you.

6. Feature third party liability 
Sometimes the accident actually caused the third party damage is more severe than ours. Not to mention if the driver or passengers are also affected by the consequences. Therefore, you can choose and buy car insurance that provides liability to third parties bigger so you can not burdened by extra costs, then the driver or the passenger also has no protection. 

7. Protection 24 hours
 Did you know that there are some car insurance which has provisions boundaries and hours? Therefore, Watch for car insurance provision. Should choose car insurance that guarantees protection outside the area and have a phone number that can easily be reached for 24 hours in order to minimize your anxiety to travel. Moreover, car insurance can make you not worry about your car.