Friday, 21 September 2012

How to Easily Design Your Own Retirement

What do you think about your retirement future?

Is not that age should we stay break and enjoy the old days? So how in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement so as not troubled by financial problems? And what should be done in a productive age in order to be able to retire in peace? The solution: Prepare everything from now on!

Open an account for old age / retirement is one of the solutions to anticipate the financial problems that may occur during retirement. In general, we work from the age of 25 years up to 55 years usi. Assuming we reach the age of 75 years, the life span of 50 years (75-25) must be financed from the income for 30 years (55-25) works. This means income for 1 month should be used to finance 1.7 months of life during (obtained from the 50 divided 30).

So in conclusion, on the basis of the above data we can not spend all the income in the first month. We must set aside some revenue for the "provision" in the old days later. Having investments such as pension insurance will help to realize you achieve a prosperous retirement, in addition to the pension insurance will also minimize the financial problems that may occur. Maybe you'll be wondering how it works Pension Insurance, and how to obtain such insurance.