Friday, 21 September 2012

Insurance Education a Solution for the Future of Children

Children are a priceless gift from God, and our job as parents is to give the best to him. The best gift for a child is when he earned the right as a child, the best education.

Meanwhile, the cost of education has increased an incredible height. Let us recall, some time ago, when we (the parents) are still in school, how much do we spend? Is the cost the same, are able to educate our children? Let's figure out how much you should prepare for your child. Assumption: Your child is now 1 year old, there is still 17 years until he entered college.

Do not forget to also calculate the cost of other equipment such as tuition fees, living expenses, tuition fees and other components, which have not been considered above. 
We have 3 options:
 1. You do something
 2. You do not do anything
 3. You do everything