Monday, 12 November 2012

5 things to remember while looking for auto insurance leads

Are you a dealer looking for leads? Are you looking for potential clients who can help you save your sinking business? Are you in search of authentic car insurance leads? If yes, then brace up for the competition and to come up with unconventional ideas to sell yourself. Getting a lead is not very hard and an experienced dealer will certainly, somehow, extract information about a potential client. But it is really difficult to convince the potential client to buy your products or services. Particularly, in the field of insurance, people are very finicky and do a lot of research before buying a policy. You have to be really smart with your strategies and even manipulative, to an extent, in sweet-talking the person into buying from you. 

So, if you are looking to generate and convert auto insurance leads, then here are a few things you must keep in mind:

i.                     Be the early bird: Once you have got hold of the information (say, contact details) about a prospective client, then do not waste even an hour. Make a call and try to explain to the person all about your business and the features and benefits you are offering. Again, you have to be very tactful since people generally hate tele-callers. Make sure to appoint someone who is skilled in his conversational skills and can easily slip into a friendly chatting mode with unknown people and unfriendly clients. The important thing is to be an early bird. Since the market is flooded with competition, you are going to face a harrowing time from your rivals. Make sure to make the call before they do!

ii.                   Make an appointment for a personal discussion: No sane person likes to make a decision about insurance and financing affairs merely on the phone. It is vital that you win his trust and confidence by arranging a personal rendezvous wherein you can furnish him with documents that will authenticate all your claims and the presence of your office. You cannot expect to get car insurance or auto finance leads converted unless you have won the person’s trust.

iii.                  Provide information about various offers: After you have bagged a few car insurance leads, you have got to ensure that you don’t let go of them. Once you have discussed the features of a certain policy and the person doesn’t show enough interest, you must bring up a fresh policy of a fresh company with different terms & conditions. It is vital to make the customer aware that you can fulfill all his requirements.

iv.                 Keeping in touch: Even if the client has expressed his wish to buy a policy from you, say, in the upcoming weeks, he may change is mind or may get a better offer from some other agent. To ensure the success of your auto insurance leads and auto finance leads, you must stay in constant touch with the person through emails, telephones, letters and texts.

v.                   Be ready to alter your plan: If needed, you must be ready to offer a special discount or a special benefit if you find that your rival may bag the deal.