Thursday, 29 November 2012

Best Insurance Stocks rating to Buy today

Best Insurance Stocks to Buy today : This week, nine Insurance stocks are improving their overall ratings on Portfolio Grader. Each of these stocks is rated an “A” (“strong buy”) or “B” overall (“buy”).

Universal Insurance Holdings (AMEX:UVE) is making headway this week, with the company’s rating improving to an A (“strong buy”) from a B (“buy”) last week. Universal Insurance is an insurance company that offers homeowners, property and casualty insurance products. In Portfolio Grader’s specific subcategories of Earnings Growth, Earnings Momentum, Earnings Revisions, Cash Flow, and Sales Growth, UVE also gets A’s. The stock’s trailing PE Ratio is 7.50.

Kansas City Life Insurance (NASDAQ:KCLI) is making progress this week as its rating of C (“hold”) from last week increases to a B (“buy”) rating this week. Kansas City Life Insurance offers a variety of individual life insurance and annuity policies, as well as group life insurance distributed primarily through numerous general agencies.

Horace Mann Educator (NYSE:HMN). The company’s rating climbs to A from the previous week’s B. Horace Mann Educators markets and underwrites personal lines of property and casualty insurance, retirement annuities, and life insurance. The stock currently has a trailing PE Ratio of 7.50.

Alleghany (NYSE:Y) improves from a C to a B rating this week. Alleghany engages in the property and casualty, and surety insurance business in the United States. The stock’s trailing PE Ratio is 4.80.

The rating of Selective Insurance Group (NASDAQ:SIGI) moves up this week, rising from a C to a B. Selective Insurance Group offers property and casualty insurance products and services the eastern and midwestern regions of the United States.

Fortegra Financial (NYSE:FRF) improves from a B to a A rating this week. Fortegra Financial offers insurance products and services to insurance companies, agents and brokers.

 Maiden Holdings (NASDAQ:MHLD). The company’s rating climbs to B from the previous week’s C. Maiden Holdings focuses on providing non-catastrophic, customized reinsurance products and services. The stock has a trailing PE Ratio of 8.80.

Global Indemnity (NASDAQ:GBLI) earns a B this week, jumping up from last week’s grade of C.

Safety Insurance Group (NASDAQ:SAFT) is seeing ratings go up from a C last week to a B this week. Safety Insurance Group is a provider of private passenger automobile insurance in Massachusetts. At present, the stock has a dividend yield of 2.4%