Monday, 12 November 2012

Car insurance leads: 3 ways to generate more leads

A person who is an insurance agent is always on the lookout for auto insurance leads. The bad news is that the market is very competitive and so every agent has to be on the alert to capture big leads. The good news, on the other hand, is that more and more people are getting their cars insured these days. Statistics suggest that the popular search engines like Google have experienced a surge in the number of searches related to ‘car insurance leads. This simply indicates that people are interested in taking up auto insurance even if not in the present period. It also makes it clear that there are prospective clients looking for the right quotes and policies. As an agent, you just have to show them the way.

These days a lot of online auto leads are being generated. On your part, you can look for leads in your own conventional way. But you cannot escape the competitive hurdle which will come towards your way. A much better method would be to shun the traditional route and look for leads through websites. There are some really good websites out there which generate car insurance leads and filter them accordingly.
Nevertheless, there are 3 ways by which you can generate more leads:

i.                     By referrals: Though internet may be ruling the era, people are still a bit skeptical of buying policies from companies or agents with whom they haven’t had anything to do in the past i.e. who are literally unknown and unheard to them. On the other hand, if a potential client has heard about an agent from a friend, then he is more likely to buy his policy from that agent. So, if your existing clients can make referrals about you to their friends and relatives, then you stand a good chance of generating a high number of auto insurance leads. But again, it would largely depend on the kind of personal rapport & relationship you share with your clients. You certainly can’t force or coerce them to refer you. They will do so only if they are impressed by your services and your general behavior and professional conduct.

ii.                   Cross selling: Online auto leadscan be generated easily and much more successfully if one dabbles into cross-selling i.e. sells more than one policy to the same person. For instance, if you sell the person a medical policy, life insurance policy or home insurance policy alongside the car insurance policy, then the overall package will be much more economic, feasible, beneficial and lucrative-looking to the person. Thus, he will be more likely to buy a policy from you.

iii.                  Generate ideas: There is no limit to innovation and to innovative ideas. If you can come up with a special theme or a special marketing strategy, then you will definitely be able to bag a higher number of auto insurance leads.

Still, these ideas can be elusive and success is not always guaranteed. The most reliable method to get car insurance leads is to look for them through a portal website.