Monday, 12 November 2012

Dealer leads: Tips on how to sell life insurance and health insurance policies

If you are an agent or an insurance dealer and are looking for clients, then the path that lies ahead is certainly not a rosy one. You may give an hour-long lecture about the benefits of your life insurance policy and about how your health insurance policy may save the life of the person during financial crisis. In fact, the chances are that the listener has already heard of all the major benefits at some point of his life and is aware of them. But despite all your efforts, all you would get is a ‘no’ for an answer. Selling your service is an art which requires a special gift of convincing the fussy prospective clients.

Getting a lead is not enough. It is important to convert the dealer leads into actual sales. One of the key strategies of selling your policy is to listen to the client rather than making him listen to your ramblings. He may not be interested in what you have to say! Rather, you must ask him what he wants and what kind of benefits & features he is looking for in a policy. In general, a dealer or agent has different insurance policies of different companies. After listening to the prospective customer’s demands, you will be in a better position to offer him the kind of life or health insurance policy which will satisfy all his requirements.

For instance, some people look for a policy which won’t burden them with heavy premiums and would still give them a reasonable level of protection. On the other hand, some people may not be bothered too much about the amount of premium but may be more interested in buying a policy which will give them higher long-term benefits. Thus, by adopting such a method (wherein you ask questions to the client before making a suggestion), you can understand the requirements of an individual in a much better way. Plus, such a strategy also works with a greater degree of success since you can quickly develop a bond with the client.

After you have got dealer leads, it is of paramount importance to you that you get something out of them. If the leads fail to convert into sales, then you are simply losing on time. When a dealer or agent is making a telephone call after obtaining leads (telemarketing form of selling), then he is forcing himself on the client and virtually coercing him to listen to his offer. People usually hate such callers and you are unlikely to make big money out of such a scheme.

On the other hand, if you make a personal appointment with the potential buyer and ask him his requirements, then you are giving him an opportunity to speak up about his wish-list. You are thus not just being a sensible audience to him (and thus forming a quick rapport) but are also making a mental calculation as to which health or life insurancepolicy will be most tempting to him.