Monday, 12 November 2012

New car and auto finance leads: Some traditional ideas of generating leads

If you are an auto dealer, then you cannot hope to survive in the industry without generating sufficient car leads. It is not very difficult to get new car leads. But one has to make sure that the leads come with authenticity and are hence worth all the time and effort spent. So, what is a lead? A lead is a prospective client who is looking for a new car purchase. He may or may not buy a car. But he is a potential client because he is interested in buying one and if you can offer him something which will fulfill all his requirements, then he can be converted into an actual client. 
 Those who are planning to buy a car also look for auto finance. Buying a car is every man’s dream and with car financing available easily these days, the number of potential buyers is on the rise. For someone who is associated with providing car loans, generating auto finance leads is vital for his survival. If you cannot find yourself authentic clients, then your business will soon be wiped off by the tide of severe competition.

In order to get new leads, it is essential that you find out ways of gathering information about a prospective client. If you can have information about, say, the financial affairs of a person, then you can be in a position to judge whether he has the purchasing power required to make a new car purchase. By scrutinizing the information, you can quickly assess the person’s financial position and check if such a person needs or can afford a car. Thus, by gathering information about hundreds of clients and after going through them, you can filter them. 

The traditional method which dealers and agents often deploy is telemarketing. By making direct telephone calls to people, they try to explain their special deals and try to lure them into buying. But this way of making new car leads is running out of popularity. More often than not, the potential client will slam the phone down even before you have had your say. Some more patient people who are not busy may listen to your statements and then click the phone after saying a perfunctory ‘no.’ Thus, it can be frustrating since it is an expensive affair of marketing where money has to be spent on making phone calls and on paying salaries to the employees who make the calls. 

The much more preferred method will be to display advertisements on newspapers and even on websites. Putting your advertisement in the classified section can be expensive but it ensures that readers go through your details patiently and show interest in what you have to say, unlike in case of telemarketing. 

Nevertheless, most blooming and much more established businesses would tell you that they get their maximum car and auto finance leads through referrals. If your services are top-class, then your clients will be happy to share your company details with their friends and even urge them to deal through you.