Saturday, 1 December 2012

New car leads: How to convert dealer leads into actual sales?

An insurance agent or a car dealer’s life is not an easy one. He is often required to do the cajoling with the potential clients in order to make them buy the policies. Besides, the number of dealers has mushroomed like fungus in recent times. Excessive competition may be good for the people but it really gnaws at the pocket of the less successful dealer. Internet may have bridged the geographical gap between a dealer and a client to a high degree. But the competition has undone the good thing. 

For a dealer, life revolves around getting new car leads. This is a challenging business because getting access to the vital information of potential clients is not that easy. In the bygone decades, most dealer leads were acquired through telemarketing. In most cases, the dealer would extract the contact number and info about average annual income of a car owner and give him a ring to explain to him the benefits of the policy he is proposing. But most people do not love this idea of getting disturbed by strangers at hours when they are occupied with their household chores or with their business meetings.

Thus, it was almost impossible to convert dealership leads into actual buyers. Only a handful of people would even stay on the phone to listen to what the dealer has got to say. Most of them would hang up. And others who would listen to your proposal with an indecent sense of urgency and would say ‘no’ at the end! This communication gap that existed between the dealer and the potential client often posed problems. 

The 21st century has helped solve this problem of communication gap to quite an extent. Internet has given birth to portal websites where only those people come who are really interested in buying a car or getting an insurance cover. Thus, chances of getting new car leads and dealer leads increase drastically. More importantly, these leads are far more genuine and there is a strong likelihood of actual conversion. But an initial discussion through internet is often not enough to convince the client to buy the policy. Clients are fickle-minded and even if they have promised that they would buy the policy from you, they may just move off to some other dealer who has managed to impress the person with a better deal.

Hence, all dealership leads never actually make it to the end stage. The art of converting dealer leads into actual sales is one that requires determination, deliberation and strategizing. It is vital in this business to keep pursuing your quarry through reminders in the form of telephone calls, text messages and e-mails. When you find that the person is showing real interest in buying your policy, then you must press the accelerator and get in personal touch with the person before your rival takes him away. On the other hand, if your new car leads is showing waning interest, then you may have to offer him better deals to recapture his attention.Visit our website - helping you find more additional tips and advices.