Saturday, 1 December 2012

Online new car leads: 2 mantras for getting online auto insurance leads

Even though an insurance agent does the society a good service, he is not a well-rewarded person. More often than not, he has to chase down clients and try to convince them even by losing his self-respect. People often bang down phones when they get calls from an unknown insurance agent trying to sell them a policy. An agent always has this sword hanging over him. The ones who are employed in a company and have fixed salaries have to complete a certain target while those who derive profits in the form of commission have to make sure that they get substantial number of leads to make a decent earning.

Internet, to an extent, has helped these agents get online new car leads. By registering on a good portal website, the agent has the opportunity to greet potential clients who are really willing to get their automobiles insured. This is a much better practice than the one wherein he has to make random telephone calls to random people and hope that one of them shows interest in taking up the policy. When a potential client looks up for an insurance agent or an insurance policy on the search engines, he is automatically directed towards these portal websites where various agents have propped up their advertisements giving vital information about their rates and terms. 

So, one of the major pros of internet is that it has helped agents generate online auto insurance leads. But, the drawback is that internet has also propelled competition. So, a company always has to be on its toes to convince the client that it is the best and has superior services than any of its rivals. If the company is registered under various web portal sites, then its job gets easier to an extent, since higher visibility often culminates into a greater degree of reliability.

Nevertheless, there are 2 basic mantras to generate online new car leads. Here is a gist:
Direct referrals: If the client has been referred to your site by a trusted friend of his, then you stand a greater chance of making a contractual agreement with the client. We have this general human tendency to trust companies that has already proved itself beneficial to our friends and colleagues. So, one of the greatest sources of online auto insurance leads are the ‘lead’ itself. Your lead or client is going to bring you the next lead or client through referrals. So, it is essential that you maintain a friendly relationship with every client albeit without shunning the professional decorum.

Cross sell policies: Someone who is looking for home insurance may end up buying both home insurance and car insurance, if he finds that such a proposal brings down his average cost. Cross-selling is selling someone multiple policies. This is another mantra for targeting higher online new car leads. Therefore, if you are merely a car agent, you can plan to diversify your business to rope in more clients and broaden your market.Visit our website - helping you find more additional tips and advices.