Thursday, 17 January 2013

Agency leads: 3 key tips to create life insurance leads

The insurance business is very competitive and it is something which involves a lot of intelligent marketing. If you are an insurance seller, then you have to face the daunting challenge of convincing customers to buy a policy at first. Once they are convinced that an insurance policy will benefit them, you have to then convince them to buy it from your company. Thus, unlike other industries where there is a readymade market, herein the seller has to chalk out a market for himself. And so, if someone doesn�t have good marketing skills, then he is likely to lag behind in the race.

Creating agency leads is no mean feat. It requires lot of hard work and plenty of phone calls. Even once the lead is generated, the seller has to be on his toes all the time and make sure that the rivals do not take away his potential customers. This is a sensitive area since the marketer has to make an impact upon the psychology of the client. You have to make him believe that you are the best person who can sell him a policy at the best rates possible. So, a lot of hassle is involved in the process. While you spend a lot of time and money, success is still not guaranteed. If the leads do not get converted, then all your hard work simply goes down the drain and you stand to lose a lot. 

Here are 3 special tips which can help you secure higher and better life insurance leads:

i.                Approach companies: The companies and corporate houses usually provide a ready market for agency leads. Many of the employees working in an organization prefer to take up a policy to reap its long-term financial benefits. Besides, some companies take up policies in bulk for all their employees as a part of its program. Hence, if you have attractive deals and good marketing prowess, then you can get really good conversion rates with these people. Not just big companies, even small businesses are opening their doors to such offers and can be convinced into buying a policy. The opportunity is certainly there, now it is up to you to make the most of it.

 ii.             Knocking at the doors of the colleges: College is another institute where you can find a large group of like-minded people. Most students at the brink of their career are enthusiastic about such polices, provided you can show them that they will benefit largely. By approaching these institutions, you give yourself a good chance to generate powerful life insurance leads.

iii.         Register with a lead provider: Internet is a great leveler. If it creates problems, it also offers solutions. While it has been instrumental in creating rivals for you, it has also led to the birth of organizations which provide leads by doing thorough research. By contacting these agency leads providers, you can easily secure good leads and go on to register higher sales. However, before joining hands with any company, make sure to check its authenticity & credentials to avoid falling prey to scams.