Thursday, 3 January 2013

indonesia sharia insurance industry forecast 2013

best insurance stock - indonesia sharia insurance market forecast 2013 : Respect of the law will disahkannya about sharia insurance, six months after being all sharia units available in conventional master should spin off. According to sharia economic practitioner of the Shariah Economic Society (MES), Muhammad Syakir Sula. According Syakir Sula, in the year 2013 will be a lot of spin-off insurance sharia or break away from the conventional parent.

"If the Law on insurance verified, draftnya, among others, say six months after confirmation of Law sharia insurance then all units should be in the spin-off," he said, after filling Sharia Insurance Seminar event in Hall Student Center, Wednesday (12/12 / 2012) ago.

If there is no sharia insurance capital to stand on its own, then said Syakir, it should be merged with other syariah insurance. "If the insurance company does not have capital sharia then he should merge, merge with others," he said. It also reveals, from 43 sharia insurance industry, only one or two insurance sharia will not spin off. "But from the 43 sharia insurance industry, most of which only two may not be a spin-off, others I think will spin off its capital for 50 billion is not great," he said.

more Prospective

Syakir too optimistic, development and growth of insurance, capital markets, will be far more prospective pawnshop forward.

"I think now this, in Indonesia is only 22 percent of non-bank industry so the rest of the bank's policy direction forward I think that 22 percent would like to raise this to about 25 percent of the means towards the development and growth of insurance, capital markets, pawnshop will prospective far ahead, I think the regulator will forward this very attention to the balance between the growth of banking insurance growth, "he explained. *