Tuesday, 16 July 2019

California Innovation for Health Insurance for Smiling Buyers and Individuals

California Online Health Insurance for Small Businesses and Individuals: The new online marketplace where Californians will soon be able to buy health insurance.
Employers with fewer than 50 workers will have the option of joining the “Small Business Options Program,” or SHOP, starting from 2014. Michael Lujan is helping to create the program – he says it can help small employers offer what big companies can
He says small businesses will have a choice next year: They’re not required to offer health benefits, but if they do show SHOP, there will be less paperwork and more health benefits choices. Health Insurance for Small Businesses in California
Hi “Employers in order to prepare for this, I think need a bit of a check to see what’s important to them,” Lujan said. “What do they want to offer? What are they missing in the marketplace today? And they may find that the technology, tools, the employee choice and maybe even tax credits may be very compelling for the SHOP. “
Health Insurance for Small Businesses in California, Lujan estimates as many as 90,000 Californians who work for small businesses may be part of the SHOP next year. He says some employers will be eligible for a tax credit of up to 50% for employee health premiums they pay.