Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Earn the most fruitful financial rewards

It is a great leader in providing unique featured insurance coverage results in top performers in the plan market nationwide. Leads bureau LLC is comprised of the pioneers of the most advanced technology and With more than 10 years of  experience servicing agents building backgrounds in market with the high marketing efforts. We have got a single unique goal: to generate qualified and reliable sources of insurance leads for our fine clients.

Best features four lead:
         Better quality Online Auto Leads
�  We assure you with the expertise and professional leads approved by quality assurance department
�  100% unique (we will NOT offer your lead to any other client)

�  We provide live soundtracks made by our excellent confirmation division to our customers verifying their interest in automobile insurance to make sure the best quality

�  Real time distribution to our customers (we deliver brings via sms, phone, fax, e-mail and straight to your cause control program moreover to our cause control system)

�  FREE use of our state of the art Lead Control system (valued at $2000 monthly for non-clients)
�  Live Exchanges � We can real-time link you to the customer who has just used instantaneously!

�  No copies, No old/recycled brings, No bad contact figures ONLY actual customers enthusiastic about automatic insurance